Hi folks! Hope you’re enjoying the last of the summer sun! This month we sent out a lovely selection of goodies perfect for this transitional month:

If you’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of last minute barbeques then the Mustchup will have been a fabulous addition, alongside the delicious mint & raspberry sald dressing from fab local company, A Little Bit. A couple of delicious treats in the form of Cherry Jam from Winsford House Produce, and homemade Almond Butter from Fire & Roast in Dover, could have you whipping up a local take on a PB& J… if you manage not to eat them straight from the jar with a spoon, that is 😉

And finally, a couple of warming treats that might be more useful to the end of the month when the weather starts to turn – with a spice mix from Bit Spicy to knock up a delicious meal for up to 6 people (handy that…. !) and a glorious honey & oat bath milk mix that is just too good to save for the babies. Be sure to try it out on yourself!

Have a great month, can’t wait to see you in October for some proper Autumn treats x